Currently, there are several non-invasive plant imaging technologies available. Those are useful to study plant morphology and plant physiology. As many of these technologies benefit from a constant and standardized light environment the corresponding camera setups can be installed in closed imaging cabins harboring dedicated illumination and automatic doors. Depending on the setup and the configuration of the camera system these cabins can be equipped with a plant lifting and rotation station.

Several camera systems can be incorporated in the different types of WIWAM phenotyping platforms:

  • RGB imaging: standard digital color imaging for the assessment of visual traits
  • Infrared imaging: thermographic imaging for measuring leaf temperature
  • Hyperspectral imaging: obtain reflectance spectra of plants within the visible and/or near-infrared range
  • Fluorescence imaging: imaging fluorometers measure photosynthetic activity and/or the excitation of the Green Fluorescence Protein (GFP)